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Uncovering The Truth About UK Street Dance Part 8 (Can’t Stop The Return Of The Prophet)

Serial Stepperz @breakin convention 2012

Was At Breakin Convention On Friday And I Have To Say For Me The Highlight Of The Night Was Serial Stepperz.
As They Really Showed The UK Audience What A Real Street Dance Crew Should Look Like!
For Example In This Country Dance “Crews” aka “Performance Groups” Get Caught Up With Trying To Be “Tight” aka “Cheerleader Type Tightness” On Stage And Forget What It Means To Be Tight On Stage As A Street Dance Crew.


Pay Attention People! I’m Using Big Words! DANCE!

A Street Dance Crew Is Made Up Of The Individual Skills Of Each Dancer In The Crew, Thus Making It Unique.

Most People Here Have This Backwards, They Don’t Really Have Any Personal Freestyle Skills Based Around A Specific Street Dance Discipline, Yet They Try To Form A “Street Dance Crew” With The Majority Focus, Of Following The Personalized Choreography Of The Team Leader Thus Creating Clones Of The Leader To Manifest In The Group, Because There Is No Room For Personal Development.

Serial Stepperz Used Choreography, Real Hip Hop & House Dance With A Splash African In There To Spice Things Up And They Smashed The Show To Piece’s!
If You Was There You Would Know!
Jonzi D Himself Got On Stage After And Said I Think This Is The First Time In Breakin Convention History (9years I Think) That I Felt The Audience And Himself Wanted To Get On Stage And Dance With The Performers………………….Anyone Else Find That Weird?

Why Did It Take 9 Years For A Crew To Show The Essence Of What Street Dance Is Mean To Show And Make People Feel????

Each Of The Serial Stepperz Are Dope Individual Dancers And Thats What Makes Them Stronger As A Crew.

Key Thing To Remember That Works Everytime! I Call It The “Street Dance Checker”

When Watching A Street Dance Performance And The Show Doesn’t Make You Dance In Your Seat Then It Ain’t Street Dance lol